Want your bank account to grow while you watch Netflix?

It's time to add a passive stream of income.

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You know digital products are the way to passive income.

But who has the time to create dozens of printables per month?
And when they're finally created, what do you even DO with them?

That's where Printables and More Club comes in:

1) Get 15 Printables per Month- $300 Value: These printables come with Canva templates so you can edit them if you like! Use these as opt-ins or sell them in your shop.

2) Mock Up Templates- $120 Value: Showcase your printables quickly and with ease with new mock ups every month!

3) The Printable Training Vault- $500: Get access to training for things like starting a shop, growing your email list with printables, Canva design and so many more!

4) Clipart Library $250: Access to a royalty-free custom clipart library, made just for Printables and More members!

Everyone Loves The Club

I joined Printables & More club in order to grow my email list. Cait makes it so easy with the different printables to plug in for opt ins.

That alone is worth the price, but then you add in trainings, clip art library, and more.

It’s an unbeatable resource that is a must for bloggers or those selling printables on Etsy.

My email list has grown 300%, and I was able to use the profits from selling printables on Etsy to take my family to Disney World. I cannot recommend more!

- Anna Lange (Heyanna.com)

Cait has always made it easy to work with her. Whether I purchased individual products or joined her membership, I didn't have to put forth a lot of effort.

She makes it very easy to use her solutions, turnkey. And, she continually adds value through additional products, trainings, and bonuses.

As if that's not enough, she values and rewards her customers' loyalty. She's helping me grow my business and increase my online income, one product at a time.

- Raki Wright (Outside the Box Mom)

Louise - testimonial profile

Working with Cait has been phenomenal!

I had never used printables or templates before, so when I started I had no idea what I was doing.

Cait gives you all the tools you need to start designing and making a profitable passive income.

The templates alone are worth their weight in gold.

- Louise Morris

With Printables and More Club, you could have a shop up and running THIS week!

Before Joining Printables and More Club:

You spend hours at your computer that you'll never get back struggling to create printables that never look quite how you'd envisioned.

You invest $200 to hire a designer to create one custom printable pack for you.

You put a couple of designs in your shop but get burned out before you get any traction.

After Joining Printables and More Club:

You create show-stopping printables in minutes then head to the park with your kids or brunch with friends because you've got free time!

For less than the cost of one exclusive printable you get 15 printable templates.

You easily fill your shop with TONS of printables and bundles right off the bat and watch the dollars roll in!

Total Value: $1900

Today's Price: Only $67/mo

Join the Club Now!

Here are a few examples of what you'll see in Printables and More Club:

Total Value: $1900

Today's Price: Only $67/mo



  • 15 Printable Templates for Canva each month (with a brief description if necessary)
  • Social Media Mock-up Templates for Facebook, Pinterest, and IG Grid & Stories
  • Exclusive Clip-art Library Get access to royalty-free clipart designed specifically for the club
  • The Printable Training Vault Access to trainings and workshops on designing and making money with printables

Cancel Anytime

Today's Price: $67/mo

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  • 15 Printable Templates for Canva each month (with a brief description if necessary)
  • Social Media Mock-up Templates for Facebook, Pinterest, and IG Grid & Stories
  • Exclusive Clip-art Library Get access to royalty-free clipart designed specifically for the club
  • The Printable Training Vault Access to trainings and workshops on designing and making money with printables
  • BONUS: 2023 Planner Kit Sell your very own planner with very little work!
  • BONUS: Christmas Printables Bundle Start your printable biz off with a bang with this pack. Everyone knows that Christmas is HUGE for printables. Get 20 extra amazing holiday templates!
  • Digital Planners That Sell Workshop Take your digital product game up a notch and learn how to create beautiful digital planners and sell them at premium prices
  • BONUS: Two Free Months Save 40% over month to month pricing when you pay annually

Today's Price: $670/Yr

See What Others Are Saying:

With Printables and More Club:

  • Get fresh printable templates every month No more spending hours designing, just plug in your info and make a few tweaks and viola! you can have a new printable in less than 10 minutes.
  • Get the PDF versions of done-for-you printables Looking to bulk up your bundles? Want to add a ton of downloads to your shop instantly? Don't mind if your not the only one on the internet with them? Just use the PDF version of the printable that's provided every month!
  • Use our mock-ups to shine We know you want your printables to look fab on social media, so we provide 3 new mock up templates every month for all your favorite platforms: Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram (grid and stories).
  • The Printable Training Vault Learn how to use the printable templates to creative passive income through a variety of topics, like starting a shop, growing your list and blogging.

Total Value: $1900

Today's Price: $67/mo

What if you could add a passive stream of income this year?

Printables and More Club Members Are:

1) Filling their shops with new printables every day, with a fraction of the effort they used to put in.

2) Growing big email lists with a product focus.

3) Using the templates to create bundles, memberships and other passive income streams from their audiences.

Quick Tweaks Take Minutes:





Or Turn The Designs Into
Something New Entirely!





Get INSTANT access to Printables and More Club!

Here's a Look Inside Your Options:


  • The Printable Training Vault access to trainings on editing the templates in Canva, starting a shop, growing your email list with printables and much more!
  • 15 Printable Templates Monthly to sell in your shop or give away on your site
  • Social Media Mock Up Templates easily share your new printable products



You won't find clipart like this anywhere else:

  • Royalty-free designs
  • Specifically made for Printables and More Club
  • Use for any of your projects

50% OFF Cait Blakley Creative Co. Products

Members get VIP treatment:

  • 50% off templates in shop
  • Discounts on courses and workshops
  • $5 Friday special


Everything in the month to month option, plus...


This kit has unlimited possibilities:

  • Sell the designs as-is for a quick and profitable digital product.
  • Design a custom planner for your audience!
  • Receive templates for '22 and '23
  • Monthly, weekly and daily layouts + options for meal planners, fitness and block scheduling.
  • Fully editable
  • Four different designs to choose from
  • Use the templates to make a whole shop full of specialty planners!


Hit the ground running with tons of extra printables:

  • Create a bundle or printable library and start making money right away
  • Send as gifts to your list to engage them
  • Use as opt-ins to grow your list like wildfire
  • Give as bonuses to other digital products

This workshop is all you need to up your digital products game:

  • Learn to design interactive planners and journals
  • Use the 2023 Planner Kit Bonus to create digital planners effortlessly
  • Find out how to charge a premium price point
  • Tech walk-throughs

Pay annually and save:

  • Save 40% over paying month to month
  • Get two months free over the 12 months, paid monthly plan
  • One annual payment of $670

Wanna see inside a printable drop?

Each month, you a printable drop as part of your membership.

It includes 15 printable templates and 3 social media mock up templates.

These printable and mock-up templates are only available for the month that they're dropped.

Check one out below.

These printable templates are about to change your life.

  • Finally stop wasting hours and hours designing No more sitting in front of the computer until it feels like your eyes are going to bleed, only to create a printable that is just not what you had in mind.
  • Create dozens of different printables from one template With a few tweaks and just a few minutes of your time, switch a design to something entirely different. Then do it again. And again. And again.
  • Take your printable biz to a professional level Add a membership or printable library to your site. Create bundles with ease. Stack your shop with tons of options!

What are you waiting for?!
These templates are ready for you to dive in
and get going!

This time next year, you'll wish you had started now.

Hi, I'm Cait, and I have a passion for printables!

In 2018, I started a printable business that changed my life! Since then, I've worked with hundreds of clients, helping them build printable shops and create beautiful designs that appeal to their followers.

As a homeschooling mom of 3 (2 tweens and a baby WHEW!) the time I can dedicate to my online business is limited, to say the least. I totally get that you need tools to help you maximize how you use the hours in your day!

That's why I created Printables and More Club. I wanted other moms to have the opportunity to stay home with their littles, without having to sacrifice their 2nd income.

Inside Printables and More, you'll be able to create a booming online business in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

I can't wait to see you making passive income with printables!


With this step-by-step system, you'll achieve your goals in no time!

Here's what you'll love about The Vault:

  • Quick but effective video lessons that teach you the foundations of a printable business
  • My secret sauce strategy to help you harness the power of traffic you already have
  • Exclusive Clipart Library royalty-free clipart, designed especially for printables and more club
  • Learn how to make multiple streams of income with printables Bonus behind the scenes interview with six-figure blogger, Corinne Schmidt on how she uses my club to make several streams of income in her business

Who is this best for?

You'll LOVE this if any of these apply:

  • You aren't a designer but wish you could have an amazing printables business
  • You want to grow traffic and start selling products from your blog
  • You want to open a digital products shop so you can create a passive income stream

This isn't for you if:

  • You already create your own bomb printables in 15 minutes or less
  • You don't need any help with marketing your printables
  • You don't want to add a passive stream of income


Who is the Printables & More Club for?

Bloggers who want to grow their email lists and traffic.
Digital shop owners who want to bulk up their offerings.
Anyone who wants to add a new passive stream of income by selling printables!

Do I need a special program to use your templates?

All of the templates provided in the membership are for Canva, which has a free version and a paid option available. You can choose either.

How do I get my templates?

Printable templates are delivered monthly right to your email inbox!

Are these printables semi-exclusive or exclusive?

No, these printables are done-for-you (DFY) and everyone in the club will receive the same templates.

Can't I just make these myself?

Yes, if you've invested the time to learn to design printables well, you could probably design these yourself, but starting with Printables and More Club templates will save you hundreds of hours and enable you to make a lot more printables, and therefore a lot more money.

Could I hire a designer to make these for me?

Absolutely, in fact, that's a service I offer! The going rate in the industry is $55 per page for an exclusively designed printable. With club templates you literally get 15 times as many full printables for the cost of one exclusively designed page.

Won't it look bad if I have the same printables as everyone else?

No, for two reasons.

1. You can make small changes to the designs to make them look completely different. I'll show you how!

2. If you bundle the original designs or offer them in a library, people are unlikely to realize you have the same pieces because there are so many.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer any refunds.


When you qualify for the quarterly bonus, you'll receive 65 templates right away. That's enough to start your shop off with a bang!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when
you sign up today!

  • 15 new printable templates every single month- $300 Value: get the most recent drop today
  • New mock up templates every month- $120 Value: templates to promote your printables for all the major social media sites
  • Instant access to The Printable Training Vault- $500 Value: Learn how to set up your shop, drive traffic to your blog or rock your social media with printables
  • Exclusive Clipart Library- $250 Value: Use clipart designed especially for the club in all your designs
  • BONUS: 50% Cait's Shop- 50% discount on select courses and templates
  • ANNUAL PLAN BONUS #1: 2022 Planner Kit- Sell your very own planner with very little work! We're still designing this but when you sign up today, you'll receive the kit for free when it's released.
  • ANNUAL PLAN Bonus #2- 20 Pack of Christmas Templates $500 Value: Start your printable biz off with a bang with this pack. Everyone knows that Christmas is HUGE for printables. Get 20 extra amazing holiday templates!
  • ANNUAL PLAN Bonus #3- Digital Planners That Sell Workshop Take your digital product game up a notch and learn how to create beautiful digital planners and sell them at premium prices

Total Value: $1900

Today's Price: $67/mo


Earnings cannot be guaranteed, as your results depend on the effort you put into the course. Additionally, your own creative talents may effect earnings. Please see a copy of my income disclaimer Here.