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If you’re looking to grow an engaged email list or start selling small digital products on your blog,
then Printables and More Club is for you!

printables and more club

Have you always wanted to have cute printables for your blog, but have trouble finding the time to make them? It can be hard to create a design you really like. Not to mention coming up with a creative idea in the first place.

When you join Printables and More, you’ll save a ton of time. You can either post the printables outright or use the included templates to make them your own in a fraction of the time it would take to make something from scratch!

The monthly cost for the club is less than getting just one custom printable made.

What’s included?

Summer pin templates for printables

– 15 Printable Templates every single month
– 20% off items in my shop
– 12 Social media mock up templates to display your printables
– An amazing community of other creators to inspire your printable journey
– Monthly trainings on editing designs and promoting printables
– Guest speakers to help you up your printable game

Give me the printables!

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Who is this for?
This membership is best for lifestyle and mom bloggers who want to grow their email list with free downloads, or start offering paid products on their site.

What program are your templates for?
All of the templates provided in the membership are for Canva.

What are some examples of printables I may see in the membership?

And more!

How will I receive my printables and templates?
Each month, you’ll receive an updated catalog to your email, with pictures and descriptions of the content. You’ll be able to download them directly from there via dropbox.

What can I do with these printables?
You can edit the templates to make as many printables as you’d like. You can sell those printables, put them on your blog, grow your mailing list with them, or whatever you can think of!

Wait… I can sell these? Like I made them myself?
Yes, Printables and More Club templates come with a commercial license. The only thing you can’t use them for is to make printables for others to sell. They’ll need their own membership!

Are these printables exclusive or semi-exclusive?
No, the printables in the membership are Done For You (DFY) and everyone in the club will receive them and can use them as is, if they wish. You’ll be able to customize them and add your own branding and change fonts and colors if you wish, since a template will be provided to you.

Won’t having the same printables as other people saturate the market?
Not really. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers in the lifestyle niche. Not only that, but many of the printables you see on sites are PLR or similar to content on other sites. This membership is all about growing your relationship with YOUR own audience. They won’t likely go looking for the same thing you are giving them elsewhere.

How long is the membership for?
The membership is currently offered in 6 and 12 month increments. You can pay monthly, bi-annually or annually. Save $95 when you pay annually or $50 when you pay bi-annually.

Do you give refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the products, no refunds will be given.

What if I have questions?
Please email me at hello@caitblakelycreative.com and I’ll walk you through whatever is going on.he

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